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lirics for my new song "biches all want dud train"

2012-07-25 02:10:38 by MilkDudisaBEAST

i look back on my lyfe
i look down at my wyfe
i look up at my knife
and then i cut turkeycuz im nice

then i get out of bed
shoot a bulet on your head!
then the hoes give me their money
cuz i told the a joke and it was motharfuckin funny!!!!

bitch milk dud is a beasr
eatin all the yeast
bitch beast yeast feest
milk dud wants a peice

if you want for me to writ your lirics for u i can do it but it is gunna cost you CASH

go buy my frind klepacs new mixtape he sined to my label 2 bizzy prductions

lirics for my new song "biches all want dud train"


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2012-07-25 02:49:38

comint on my song you all you punk ASS loosers